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The History of the Leavitt Center

How The Leavitt Center Came to Be

In 2009 Ryan and Katie Leavitt purchased the former church building on the corner of 10th and Sublette in Pocatello. Ryan’s dream was to convert the building into a center for the arts, where music could be taught and performed on stage.  They began the extensive renovation of the building, a process that took 3 years.  In 2013 the first classes were offered in dance, musical theatre, voice, ballet, and percussion. By the end of the first semester of classes, there were approximately 50 students.  With much work, the Leavitt Center programs have grew to over 50 different classes,  and have averaged over 250 students each semester. Although the Leavitt Center was helping hundreds of students participate in the arts, Ryan and Katie felt the need to do more. They decided that it was time to turn the Leavitt Center into a non profit organization. In  January of 2016, Ryan, Katie and Shalyn Brown formed Empower Humanity, a non-profit organization.

Old Book

Old Beginnings

The First LDS Church


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