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Our Mission

We believe that building inner strength and confidence is essential to encouraging personal and community growth.  We are dedicated to building positive character in individuals through arts education, community education and participation in humanitarian service in our community and beyond.  We understand that in order to better the world, we must first better ourselves.


At the Leavitt Center, we strive to bring a quality education in performing and fine arts. Be it painting, acting, singing, or dancing; we have a huge passion for the arts and music and all things in between! Our main focus is to build inner strength and confidence in each student that passes through our doors. We believe that through performing and fine arts, come the characteristics and potential for lifelong success and fulfillment.

If your friend enrolls in any Leavitt Center Class, you get a discount and so do they!

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1030 East Sublette St.

Pocatello, ID 83201



(208) 417-8724

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