The Leavitt Center is a newly remodeled multi-use facility and performing arts venue. We offer group classes in dance, musical theater, martial arts, comedy, yoga, Zumba, voice and a variety of musical instruments. We have a facility that is perfect for performing. We offer a family friendly environment that drives the students to excel through performance driven education. Our facility is now available to rent for receptions and other ticketed events.

Our mission is to provide a state of the art facility that promotes skilled-based instruction and a positive creative atmosphere for aspiring students. The Leavitt Center is a place for clean, modest, all-inclusive, multi-age recreation and G-rated entertainment.

If you have a group of 10 or more people that are interested in learning a medium we do not currently offer, we will do our best to find the most qualified talent in the field that will help you grow in your particular interest.


Do you have a great idea or a passion for the arts, music, yoga, theater, fitness, dance or comedy and need a facility to display your work or teach it? Do you have an existing performing arts group that needs a facility to do a recital or concert?

Have you tried to or would you love to open your own business in performing arts or recreation but find that rent, taxes, overhead, start up costs and maintenance fees are higher than originally expected and running the business is time consuming and difficult?

Do you want to spend your time teaching your particular craft or talent instead of wasting your time and money developing a system that really works?

Do you feel you can run a successful class, program, club or company but feel capped on your income potential by your current employer even when you attract a large customer base and produce high quality technique and work?

Do you have high moral standards and want to work in a clean and modest environment that is supportive of these values?

CONTACT US TODAY! We may be able to help. It is our vision to partner with a diverse group of visionary people in the community with talent and passion in their field to advance their particular discipline or creative art and share it with the community.

Upcoming Events